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LGBT Rx Savings Prescription Card

This program has been created for you and your loved ones to reduce your prescription drug expenses.

Our LGBT Rx Savings Card is the first and only FREE prescription drug savings card specifically designed to help members of the Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, and Transgender community. Traditionally, supporting a non-profit organization involved volunteering time or donating money; we have created a model that allows members of the community to actually give back by simply using a card that saves money.

Rx Access of America selects two non-profit groups annually to be the beneficiaries of network royalties. These royalties are earned each time the card is used. Never before has it been easier to save money, while contributing and supporting your community.

Simply complete and print the FREE Prescription Drug Card above, and receive a savings of 15% - 75% (average savings approximately 30%) at more than 56,000 participating regional and national pharmacy locations. The LGBT Rx Savings Card provides discounts on both brand name and generic medications.

Please provide your confidential information in the area provided above, and a printable membership card will be created for you. You can also print one for your loved ones, (there are no forms to fill out and there is no eligibility requirement). This card offers “Lowest Price Logic” to guarantee you the best price for your medications. You pay the lowest price of the discount off of the Average Wholesale Price–AWP, discount off MAC Pricing or Pharmacy Promotional/Retail price. This pre-activated card can be used instantly! This program covers anyone who is insured, underinsured, or uninsured.

This card is FREE for anyone. Everyone is qualified to receive the savings offered through the LGBT Rx Savings Card.

The LGBT Rx Savings Card can be used to supplement most pharmacy insurance plans, including high-deductible prescription benefit plans. Additionally, your membership card can serve as a supplement with Medicare Part D by providing savings for non-covered medications and Medicare donut-hole gaps, and also assist you while trying to reach your initial $325 Medicare deductible.

There are no exclusions or restrictions.

You and your loved ones cannot be denied because of age, income or pre-existing conditions. You and your loved ones are automatically accepted. No documentation is necessary, and there are no forms to fill out. You become a member instantly. The LGBT Rx Savings Card is easy to use, and anyone can use it, for as long as they like, with no dues or fees.


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